The Tree and Art of Kate Grishkova

In the final days of December, 2022, we found a great artist who has become a great friend of the museum!

"5 o'clock" by Kate Grishkova

It all started with a picture, which is very fitting for art. We are always looking for art and artists as we grow our museum. Margaret Wolfe Hungerford wrote, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder." A picture, person, or tree, for that matter, may catch the eye of someone. Sometimes it even seems to captivate the very soul.

When we accidentally found international artist Kate Grishkova it was perfect. She is a poet and artist who has worked in oil pastels, gouache, pencil, acrylics, and crafts. Kate loves painting with watercolors and oils. She has sold over 700 works of art and has received many accolades. Currently, Kate resides in Bratislava, Slovakia. After talking with Kate, we sent her a picture of the tree and house. Just a few hours later, she sent back the rough sketch and a very lovely note saying she would work on the watercolor the next day. The next day, we received the digital version of the watercolor. Yes, she had completed everything in less than 48 hours. The watercolor was posted the next day in the mail. We can't wait until we work with her on an oil painting soon.

The photo we sent Kate

Kate's concept sketch

We love the color in the painting, but why is that important? It sets a mood, and time. Here, we can see the last late afternoon golden shadows. The last glimpses of which are seemingly dancing off of the building's left, and the top limbs of the tree. catching the last wisps of sunlight as the big fiery ball begins to go down in the west. For me, when leaving the Hale-Byrnes House after helping with work or tours, at just the right time, and in the right moment, you can catch this last momentary shot of direct sun across the face of the building. It is in these moments I think of 1777 when the council of war was held at 5 o'clock. The sunlight would have been very similar.

Disclaimer (because it is the 21st century): I do not get any type of reimbursement from this great artist of any kind. I am just a very happy customer, who wanted to spread the word about this amazing artist. I also want this information recorded for posterity, for research about the tree, and art about the tree.

Etsy is her main shop and main source of income:

She also has Instagram:

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