News Articles about the George Washington Tree of Delaware

Thanks to all those great newspapers, reporters, institutions, and friends who help spread the word! Here you will be able to find all the articles about the tree compiled together that we are allowed to post. Please read the Copywrite Disclaimer at the bottom of the page. 

     The world used to revolve around receiving the mail. In the 18th century receiving the mail was a big deal. In early America many stories exist of the person delivering the mail being invited inside, being given food and drink, and warming themselves by the fire. Mail was an important occasion. Especially, the newspapers, journals, gazettes, and other publications that carried one of the most important things in all history... Information. Now we seem to be partially transitioning; perhaps one day fully, to online news. However, we will preserve all we can here to help future generations research and learn about this wonderful tree and it's history. To see YouTube videos about the tree please see: Archives Section 4 (Correspondence/YouTube)

Pre-2021 Tree Article

September 9th 2021 Monumental Trees Announcement

March 17th 2022 Replanting Announcement in Pittsgrove

March 21st 2022 Tree Cuttings and History YouTube Clips

March 29th 2022 Native Tree Society Announcement

April 24th 2022 Replanting Announcement in Pittsgrove

November 30th 2022 Tree Painting and Cuttings Announcement

December 1st 2022 Tree Painting and Cuttings Announcement

December 2nd 2022 Tree Painting Announcement

December 2, 2022  Tree Painting and Cuttings Announcement

March 17th- November 19th 2022 Cumberland County NJ Historical Society

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