Museum Stamps 2023 Issue

The George Washington Witness Tree of Delaware Museum Commemorative Stamp 2023

The museum has received many emails about the 2023 commemorative stamp. This will also be a Cinderella Stamp (concerning stamp collecting) and for more information on these types of postage stamps please see our article George Washington Witness Tree of Delaware - Museum Stamps 2022. Unfortunately, this new type 2023 stamp will be delayed as Janet (AsYouWishStudios), who makes our stamps, takes a short break while she undergoes a medical treatment. We love working with her and have decided to delay the release of this 2023 stamp. The museum will release the 2023 issue later in the year when she is feeling better. We all pray for Janet's good health and hope she will feel better soon.

 Left, you can see the 2nd amazing illustration from Sanjali91 on Fiverr. The second stamp is an American Sycamore seed ball attached to a twig with leaves. Our stamps are designed by Historian Joshua Loper, and then voted on by the Museum Board. These are then perfectly printed by Janet (AsYouWishStudios) on Esty.

More Coming soon!

Disclaimer: These are given as gifts at presentations/lectures, and not sold. These are not for sale. We are not printing United States Postage Stamps. They are not marked with a value of any kind, either in money or redeemable commodities. These are given out for free as gifts. 

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