Museum Wooden Nickel 2023 Type 1

The George Washington Witness Tree of Delaware Museum Commemorative Wooden Nickel (Given to those in attendance at the George Washington Society of Delaware meeting February 19th, 2023, as free gifts)

Last of the wooden nickel descriptions will be added this week!

Here, you will see photographs showing all the wooden nickels listed by number with both the front (obverse-below left) and back (reverse-below right) sides. Each photo is accompanied by a small description box and interesting facts or information about the individual wooden nickels. They were each individually numbered No. 1 to No. 59 in green Sharpie by hand on the back (reverse) of the wooden nickel. On the reverse side, an abbreviation for the word number (No.) was written on the left side of the capitol letter L underneath the broad arrow. The individual number was written on the right side of the capital L.

Are they money? No. These wooden nickels have no monetary value whatsoever. So, if you are one of the new 86,852 Internal Revenue Service Agents... We are not printing money. That is why they have no value in dollars, cents, or redeemable commodities (i.e. a cup of coffee, a pack of gum, a tire rotation, etc.) printed on them. These were given out for free as gifts.

No. 1 Front (retained in museum collection)

Perfect center stamp with nice wood grain on bottom left under the words "Witness Tree." Thinning of the seal lines on bottom under "Tree Museum."

No. 1 Back (retained in museum collection)

Cracking of wood to the top left of the seal. Stamp is off center, being closer to the bottom right.

No. 2 Front (retained in museum collection)

Nice wood grain on left side of front stamp. Almost mirror finish in the gloss cote.

No. 2 Back (retained in museum collection)

Nice wood grain running diagonally through the stamp. Ink missing from center pillar of the broad arrow.

No. 3 Front (retained in museum collection)

Small ink smudge under left crown of the GW Tree. Some absorption/ink blurring on the right side of the circle in the stamp.

No. 3 Back (retained in museum collection)

Light wood color transition with the coin darker on the bottom to a light color on top.

No. 4 Front (retained in museum collection)

Only one produced that failed to stamp the tree on the front center.

No. 4 Back (retained in museum collection)

Good wood grain on this side of the coin. Almost mirror finish in the gloss cote.

No. 5 Front (retained in museum collection)

Much bleed through on the top of the stamp due to uneven (poorly cut) surface. Letters "orge Was" having to be added by hand after printing.

No. 5 Back (retained in museum collection)

One very dark strip of wood grain in upper right hand side from the stamp.

No. 6 Front

No. 6 Back

No. 7 Front

No. 7 Back

No. 8 Front

No. 8 Back

No. 9 Front

No. 9 Back

No. 10 Front

No. 10 Back

No. 11 Front

No. 11 Back

No. 12 Front

No. 12 Back

No. 13 Front

No. 13 Back

No. 14 Front

No. 14 Back

No. 15 Front

No. 15 Back

No. 16 Front

No. 16 Back

No. 17 Front

No. 17 Back

No. 18 Front

No. 18 Back

No. 19 Front

No. 19 Back

No. 20 Front

No. 20 Back

No. 21 Front

No. 21 Back

No. 22 Front

No. 22 Back

No. 23 Front

No. 23 Back

No. 24 Front

No. 24 Back

No. 25 Front

No. 25 Back

No. 26 Front

No. 26 Back

No. 27 Front

No. 27 Back

No. 28 Front

No. 28 Back

No. 29 Front (Lucky)

No. 29 got caught in the press creating a leaning GW tree (tree leans left) and nearly smashing Mr. Lopers left thumb in the process.  The ink ran on the tree after gloss coating.

No. 29 Back

Light ink in the base and right barb of the broad arrow.

No. 30 Front

No. 30 Back

No. 31 Front

No. 31 Back

No. 32 Front

No. 32 Back

No. 33 Front

No. 33 Back

No. 34 Front

No. 34 Back

No. 35 Front

No. 35 Back

No. 36 Front

No. 36 Back

No. 37 Front

No. 37 Back

No. 38 Front

No. 38 Back

No. 39 Front

No. 39 Back

No. 40 Front 

Small ink blotch on the right side of the tree from printing.  Small gap on the left side of the small outer ring to the seal.

No. 40 Back

Stamping strike is slightly down and to the left of center. Small bubble inclusion in the base of the board arrow. 

No. 41 Front

No. 41 Back

No. 42 Front

No. 42 Back

No. 43 Front

No. 43 Back

No. 44 Front

No. 44 Back

No. 45 Front

No. 45 Back

No. 46 Front

No. 46 Back

No. 47 Front

No. 47 Back

No. 48 Front

No. 48 Back

No. 49 Front

No. 49 Back

No. 50 Front

No. 50 Back

No. 51 Front

No. 51 Back

No. 52 Front

No. 52 Back

No. 53 Front

No. 53 Back

No. 54 Front

No. 54 Back

No. 55 Front

No. 55 Back

No. 56 Front

No. 56 Back

No. 57 Front

No. 57 Back

No. 58 Front

No. 58 Back

No. 59 Front

No. 59 Back

Disclaimer: These were given as gifts by me, and not sold. These are not for sale. We are not printing money. They are not marked with a value of any kind, either in money or redeemable commodities. These were given out for free as gifts.

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