GWWT Museum Traveling Presentation

Our Traveling Historical Presentation 

As you can probably tell, we love this tree! The museum has a traveling presentation that is about an hour long. Historian Joshua Loper not only gives the tree presentation at the Hale-Byrnes House, but can give it to your organization! The museum and Joshua receive and request $0 for these presentations. He is happy spreading the word about this national hidden treasure. Spreading the word is really what helps keep the chainsaws away! Most presentations are within a few hours driving distance. However, we have worked with a few organizations that were a little further afield, or internationally. This presentation can be presented on Zoom as well. However, in person is better as Zoom only allows the PowerPoint and not the small exhibit.

If you or your organization is interested in one of our presentations, send us an email!

 Left, you can see the one of the handouts of the traveling museum presentation. Usually, the people in attendance get a little gift for attending. It is usually a commemorative postcard or stamp. They also get a brochure.

Disclaimer: The gifts are given as gifts at presentations/lectures and not sold. These are not for sale. They are given out for free to those in attendance. 

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